Providence’s house-infused spirits elevate craft cocktails.

Craft cocktails are all the rage, and mixology has become an art form revered by bartenders. Luckily for McConnell members, we’re fortunate to have some amazing bartenders across our properties.

At Providence Country Club, Food and Beverage Manager Steve Windham and his assistant, Levi Bennett, took their behind-the-bar innovation to the next level. The result? They now produce their own house-infused spirits. “While touring other venues, I noticed that several were starting to play around with their own house-infused spirits,” says Windham. “But this old-school way of infusing liquor is a very long process that generally yields inconsistent results. We researched newer processes, and found that with today’s technology, we’re able to infuse our spirits in-house in less than an hour from start to finish with consistent results every time.”

Liquors are infused with fruits and herbs; most include lime, mango, rosemary, and basil, but the possibilities are seemingly endless. Providence’s new infusing method allows the cocktails to be infused “on demand” in 15 minutes or less. This quick technique allows the bartending crew to set up “infuse your own” liquor stations at member events, where attendees can get inventive with their cocktails. The first event was held on New Year’s Eve, and needless to say, it was a hit. “This infusion program has gained a solid following for us here at Providence,” says Windham. “We are not simply making drinks for our members. We’re creating unique cocktails that they can only find here.”

We’ll raise a glass to that — cheers!